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When it comes to your trees, RG Tree Service can handle all of your needs. We simplify your project by offering everything you need. No matter the size of the project, RG Tree Service is the only company you need to call.
Our dedication to your satisfaction means that we strive for perfection each time you work with us. With our various service offerings, we’re sure we have what you’re looking for.

Tree Pruning

Having your trees pruned by a certified arborist goes a long way. Having dead wood, interferring branches and limbs over structures removed boosts the over all look,safety and health of your trees.

Tree Removals

Wether your trees are large or small our certified arborists can remove them. No matter the location RG Tree Service is experinced in all difficulty levels. Providing the most recent rigging and training skills in the industry.

Stump Grinding

RG Tree Service offers two sized stump grinders. We then can get to the location of almost any stump. We also provide the option of stump chip removal, topsoil and seed. RG Tree guarentees our grinding.

Tree & Shrub Planting

When it comes to planting a tree its not just throw it in the hole. Certain trees require extra attention. All trees planted by RG Tree Service are installed with slow release multi year fertilizer packets by educated staff. We also offer same day service of planting on the day of your scheduled tree work.

Bolting & Cabling

RG Tree Service can save that prized tree in your yard. We incourage you to walk around your lot after high winds,look and listen. Most splits or uproots can actually be seen or even creeking heard before they fail.

Ash Borer Control

RG Tree Service can give your ash trees a direct injection to protect your ash trees from this invasive species. We can also fend off an already infected tree. Have your ash trees inspected today.

Tree Healthcare

RG Tree Service offers a wide range of tree injections,including all types of insects, fungis, and diseases. We also offer nutriboosters that counter the effects of stress due to drought, transplanting, construction damage or just the lack of a nutrient in the ground.

Lot Clearing

If you have that plan to clear that new lot your going to build your dream home on, or just clear out a portion of your current property over riddin with buckthorn give us a call.

Snow Plowing

RG Tree Service offers residential and commercial snow plowing/ salt control. Sidewalk shoveling and blowing.

Brush Chippings

If your the type of person that likes to get a saw in your hands and cut your own trees we can chip the branches for you.

Bucket Truck

Useing a tree care company with a bucket truck is a plus. Even though RG Tree Service has fully certified cimbers ready for any tree, Bucket trucks make things safer and more efficent.

Storm Damage

When large storms rip through town, trees maybe on homes, cars, sheds or even blocking your drive. RG Tree Service has extensive training in these situations. (24 Hour Emergency Service)

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