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RG Tree Service

I want to share the awesome journey of RG Tree Service with you. It all started with Rick Garvens, the man behind those initials “RG”. Rick was no ordinary guy – he dedicated a solid 24 years of his life working as a forester for the city of Milwaukee. But here’s the kicker: even while handling his city responsibilities, he was nurturing his own tree care company on the side.

When Rick decided to dive headfirst into his business, he brought me, Eric Geisberger, on board. I was just 17 at the time, brimming with enthusiasm for everything related to trees. But Rick wasn’t just a boss to me; he was a mentor, a guiding light, a figure akin to a father, teaching me the ins and outs of the tree care industry like nobody else could.


Deeply rooted in passion

I soaked up all his knowledge, eventually becoming a certified arborist myself. And when Rick decided it was time to pass the torch, he entrusted me to carry on the legacy of RG Tree Service. For me, this business isn’t just about the daily grind; it’s deeply rooted in my passion – it’s about trees, their care, and preserving their essence.

And let’s not forget about our ace, Chris Dubey. He’s our foreman, a certified arborist with over two decades (that’s more than 20 years!) of solid industry experience. Leading our exceptional crew, Chris is all set and raring to go, ensuring your tree care needs are met like nobody else can.

So, at RG Tree Service, it’s not just about running a business; it’s a story of passion, mentorship, and expertise all bundled together to ensure your trees receive the top-notch treatment they truly deserve.

"Not Just Another Job"

This business is more than money, more than just another job, it’s our lively hood.  RG Tree is not just some business, its our business. You’re not just another customer.  Every tree matters, every customer is important and both of those matters are our highest priorities on a daily basis.

Our main office is located in Sussex, WI just on the corner of Silver Spring and Waukesha Ave, across from the Exxon gas station.  You can see our building and sign right off Silver Spring.

We can’t wait to serve you. We can’t wait to help take care of your trees and we can’t to get to know more about you and your property over the many years to come!

Thank you for choosing RG Tree.

Eric G,
Owner & Operator


We'll handle the yard work so you can relax.