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2024 Best Tree Services Currently Offered in Menomonee Falls, WI

Preserving The scenic and distinct ecosystem in the Wisconsin suburb
of Menomonee Falls needs the help of professional tree care services.
RG Professional tree service in Menomonee Falls safeguards and
maintains the town's diverse species of trees using a variety of
arboricultural methods.

Stump Removal in Menomonee Falls

The harsh Wisconsin winters and occasional severe weather events
pose unique challenges to the well-being of trees in Menomonee Falls.
Tree care services in the area are equipped to handle weather-related
damages by providing emergency tree removal and storm damage

Tree Care in Menomonee Falls

Menomonee Falls residents looking to plant new trees or address
specific issues with existing ones can benefit from the expertise of local tree care services. RG Tree not only provide advice on suitable
tree species for the region but also offer services like tree planting,
fertilization, and disease management.

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More RG Tree Care Services in Menomonee Falls, WI


Tree Pruning and Trimming

With RG Tree Services expertise in tree pruning and trimming, your property will benefit from healthier, more beautiful trees. We carefully approach each removal, taking into account the specific terrain, so that we may leave as little of an impression as possible. Trust in our half-century of experience to bring out the best in your trees.

Tree Removals and Stump Grinding

Our certified arborists at RG Tree Service specialize in safe and efficient tree removals and stump grinding. Understanding the unique landscape, we handle each removal with care, ensuring minimal impact on your surroundings. Post-removal, our stump grinding service prepares your space for future green endeavors.

Bolting and Cabling

To strengthen and protect your trees, we offer professional bolting and cabling services. This technique is vital for maintaining the longevity and safety of your trees, especially in storm-prone areas. To safeguard the trees on your property from the weather, our skilled crew in Menomonee Falls follows leading practices in the industry.

Tree Healthcare

Ensuring the health of your trees is a top priority at RG Tree Service. Our comprehensive tree healthcare services include disease diagnosis, pest management, and soil care. Serving the Menomonee Falls community for over 50 years, we’re committed to nurturing your trees for a greener, healthier tomorrow.

Emergency Tree Services and Storm Damage

In times of emergency, RG Tree Service is your reliable partner in Menomonee Falls. Our experienced team is equipped to handle storm damage and urgent tree situations promptly and safely. We understand the importance of quick response to minimize risk and restore safety to your property.

50+ Years Strong, Insured & Certified

Since 1970 RG Tree Service has been servicing Greater Waukesha County and surrounding communities with premium and professional tree care services.  With multiple certified Arborists on staff and over 50 years in the industry, we pride ourselves in providing a premium customer experience.

Please Reach Out For Any Emergencies!

Feel free to dial 262-255-2259 at any time during an emergency. While our lines may be busy attending to other calls, kindly leave a message, and we’ll promptly return your call. Please specify the urgency of the situation so that we can provide an appropriate response.

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